Biosecurity in animal production and veterinary medicine

Globally, the way the animal production industry copes with infectious diseases is changing. The (excessive) use of antimicrobials is under debate and it is becoming standard practice to implement thorough biosecurity plans on farms to prevent the entry and spread of pathogenic micro-organisms.

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Contributing Authors: Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Dr. Maarten De Gussem

Gut health in poultry production: a holistic approach.
Author: Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe – Vetworks Belgium

Published in AFMA Matrix – Quarterly magazine of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association Oct-Dec 2017 Vol 26 No4. Read Article

Morphometric evaluation of “dysbacteriosis” in broilers

Published in Avian Pathology Journal – Volume 40, 2011 – Issue 2
Authors: E. Teirlynck , M. De Gussem (Vetworks) , J. Dewulf , F. Haesebrouck , R. Ducatelle & F. Van Immerseel

In consequence of the withdrawal of products that assisted animal production, such as antimicrobial growth promoters, once-controlled enteric diseases have returned and new multifactorial diseases causing gut disorders of unknown origin have emerged in broilers. One of these widespread syndromes causing intestinal health problems in broilers is in the field referred to as “dysbacteriosis”. Read Full Article

Coccidiosis in poultry: Review on diagnosis, control, prevention and interaction with overall gut health

Published by  16th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition

Author: Dr. Maarten De Gussem

Coccidiosis in poultry is still considered as one of the main diseases affecting performance of poultry
reared under intensive production systems. Although a lot of research efforts have been allocated towards
molecular techniques, and a lot of progress has been noted in this field, practical use of these techniques
are not available today, except in the field of diagnostics, where several polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
tests for chicken Eimeria spp. are available today albeit not yet commonly used. On the other hand, with
currently available diagnostic methods such as oocyst counts and lesion scoring, an interpretation of the
impact of (subclinical) coccidiosis is not easy. Read Full Article