A Chicken To Change A Life For The Children In Gambia: Kinderen Van De Zon

Vetworks supports this project in Gambia to give children a better chance in life.

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We help to build a school by supporting a poultry project. A small scale layer farm of 1000 birds that will contribute additional financial funding for the school project in a sustainable way.

See more details on www.kinderenvandezon.be.

Both projects are complementary. The objective of the chicken farm is to become self-supporting and to provide financial support for the day to day operations of the Primary School on a long term basis. In order to fight poverty, it is crucial to help the local people to become self-sufficient.

Vetworks Kinderen van de zon

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The project comprises the construction and operational development of a Prospect Primary School for 200 to 300 children in the local community of Westbank/Gunjur. The plans for the school consist of six class rooms, a library, a lunch room, a first aid room, a teachers’ room, sanitary facilities (separated for boys and girls), a sports field, and a surrounding fence. The construction of the school started in November 2011 and it should be operational by 2015.

The poultry farm project ‘A chicken to change a life’ is situated in the same local community as the school. The start date of the construction of the chicken farm was November 2011 and it was completed in November 2012. The first batch of chickens (trials) started in January 2013 and the aim is that the farm be fully operational in January 2015.

Vetworks is actively involved in technical support of the poultry project: we have been involved from the start to advise on building the farm, training people on the farm, evaluating performance, and helping when there are problems. We have been visiting the farm onsite a few times to assist and view progress.

Would you like to sponsor our project?

Improving poultry production will be of great importance to developing countries. Also on small scale farms.
As a poultry professional would you like to sponsor this project ‘ a chicken to change a life’, to support this project that will help creating awareness that self-sustainability through better education is crucial?
You can give a contribution to this project:

Kinderen van de zon
IBAN BE32 3630 7268 8002

The Children of the Sun in Gunjur Gambia will have a better chance to look at a bright future!

Many thanks,

Hilde Van Meirhaeghe