Vetworks Poultry Technical TrainingBased in Belgium, Vetworks is an independent consultancy agency providing technical support and project management support to the animal production and veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

A team of selected veterinary experts, with broad international expertise, provide ad hoc field support or longer-term health control assignments and audits. Working with a team of specifically trained and briefed veterinary specialists will result in the most flexible and effective high-quality technical support to your business.

Vetworks is specialized in auditing smaller and larger breeder, layer and broiler operations, with focus on management and veterinary aspects of the production.

Design of vaccination programs, anticoccidial programs, growth promoter and prophylactic programs, including Mycoplasma-control and prevention of coccidiosis are key to every organization dealing with poultry production. Our team is specialized in providing independent advice, targeting optimum return of investment of the control and prevention tools used on the short and long term.

Vetworks is experienced in setting up, monitoring and reporting of floor pen, battery and field trials for turkey, broiler, game bird and poultry breeder industries with sites in different countries. Trials are performed with support from the most relevant academic and private research centers, investigating therapies and solutions to a broad range of poultry health issues.

Vetworks offers the pharmaceutical industry both in-house expertise and a vast external network for support with development and marketing of veterinary medicines and vaccines, feed additives and ‘alternative’ solutions.

Vetworks’ broad network of key opinion leaders and decision makers includes individuals from industrial, academic, veterinary and pharmaceutical communities.

Coverage is worldwide, support can be provided in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Catalan, Spanish and Dutch.

For more information, please send an email to: info@vetworks.eu.